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    hey guys.... Ok here's the deal... i've been playing an acoustic guitar for over a year now and an thinking of switching over to an electric..... but the problem is that i don't know anything about electric guitars or what to look out for....i paid a few visits to furtados and tried out quite a few electrics....and since my parents won't spend 20 grand on that ESP guitar my budget is kinda restrained upto a max of 13 grand inclusive of an amp....
    now.... i took friends along (all of whom have an electric) and all of them said the choice of guitar depends on me and the kind of music i wanna play.... right now i'm a fan of acoustic rithym (sorry don't know how to spell it) and love strummin to my favourites while my other friends played lead.... now its not that i suck at playing lead ( infact i play better than all of em) but there's no fun playing leads on acoustic... so i kinda need an electric that can perform well on rithym and leads as well.....
    i've shortlisted some guitars i really liked
    1) greg bennett, avion AV1- Rs 10,025/-
    2)kramer, focus VT211S- Rs 8,575/-
    3)samick LS-11S- Rs 7,675
    4)JAVA EG-11 - Rs 4,625 (sounds too cheap to last long)
    5)Silvertone (from samick) electric guitar package - Rs 8k (but that would mean either its a shity guitar or a shity amp either way its gonna be my last choice)

    there's also some new guitars from a company called RAT! the guitars look like they're nothing short of 20k but is priced at 6k!... its a chinese make so i don't know about that yet...

    now personally i'm a fan of slash and hence love les-paul type guitars so the greg bennett fits perfectly.... but that would mean compromising on the amp...
    also can any of the above guitars be modified?( actually i want to install an extra set of pickups that give rich acoustic sounds. )

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