Need help buying an electric guitar, amplifier and processor

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by Mandeep Deka, May 31, 2012.

  1. Mandeep Deka

    Mandeep Deka New Member

    I am planning to buy an electric guitar and my total budget is around Rs. 25000.
    I have been playing an acoustic guitar for past 5-6 years, and but i am interested in playing metal, punk rock etc, and songs like ones by creed, bullet for my valentine, Metallica, sum 41, green day etc..

    So, I was planning on buying the guitar for around 10000, and spend the rest in a good processor and amplifier.

    What good electric guitars fall in this range. I've heard that Ibanez guitars are pretty good for this price range, but what all models do i get in this range??
    I was thinking of buying a Digitech RP80 processor and a Roland cube 15 amplifier. How is the combination? Is there any suggestion for a better combination??

    And there's a very important question that has been bugging me for a long time..
    If i buy a good processor for sound effects and i have a good amplifier, how significant is the electric guitar in the context? I mean can i have a combination with an ordinary low cost electric guitar and a good processor and amplifier work??
    I am just keen to find the most appropriate way to utilize the money i have for the combination!

    Your help would be really appreciated!
  2. henrynh

    henrynh New Member

    If you only want it to have fun at home & as a beginner instrument then I guess 10K is okay. Currently with the increase in the currency exchange the chances of prices going up is high. Personally IMO even at 50k i wouldn't consider one to be a pro range electric guitar that are available in stores. The wood matters a lot & it isn't the same quality as the pro models & neither are the electronics. Actually some pro models seem to have bad electronics these days too compared to the semi-pro ones, sadly.
    The prices suck because we pay 32% extra in customs, duties, taxes & then there is the added sales tax by the dealers to account for on top of all that. So something that's worth around 25K ends up around 40k+.

    So anyways try out whatever you can find, that feels good to play. Pickup upgrade can be done later on, it will be an improvement for sure over the stock ones. Brands won't matter at the prices range you're looking at, there isn't any one I can think of that would be worth picking over the other, just need to find the guitar that is easy to play with, smooth fret wires, proper string spacing at the bridge & nut, working electronics ,etc.

    For a processor, get a [amp+effects] processor. Digitech RPs with 'ADNA 2' chip, Zoom G3X or G5(if affordable get it) would be worth getting. There isn't any point in buying a practice amp if you are buying one of the above processors, you could run them through your home stereo or play through headphones with them. They will also sound better on their own then most of the practice amps in your price range anyways. Note that most of the quality fx processors & amps individually can cost almost your 25k budget, so it doesn't matter right now either.

    Oh & I suggest getting some planet waves cables, they'll last a lot longer then the cheaper ones available & provide good signal clarity. It's worth investing in good cables.

    PS: I don't have a pro guitar myself but have compared a 41k PRS SE[korean] to a 140k PRS[american], if anyone cares. For me the sheer playability & tone factor was amazingly different between the two. Sadly I cannot afford the expensive stuff right now...
    Also, always remember that the entire signal chain matters, which starts from you & goes right up till the speakers you are hearing through. Any weak link in between can cause differences. Also, you can have the most expensive of equipment & sound bad because you play bad, or you can have decent equipment and sound great if you play great, unless ofcourse if you are playing for a bunch of guitarists, who if can't find a fault in your technique will then start looking into your gear for an opportunity for criticism.

    oh well, good luck to you, have fun playing with whatever you get.
  3. tirtha2chester

    tirtha2chester New Member

    First and foremost, the tone of you get out of your guitar doesn't depend much on a processor.... Of course, a crap one will affect it but what is really important is getting a good guitar and an amp... The amp is detrimental when it comes to the tone that comes out of your rig.... You get an awesome amp with a shit guitar, chances are, you'll get a good sound....

    I like the way you have put up your options.... Let me start by saying that Roland Cube 15 is certainly the best amp at your budget... As far as the processor is concerned, I'd say you rest its thoughts for the moment, buy a good guitar and the Cube... The amp's drive channels are so good that it fails a low end digitech or zoom anyday... I'd suggest you spend on your guitar first and then come up with a decent amount later on (say 12-15k) and get yourself a Boss ME25 or a Korg AX3000G...

    Some suggestions for really good guitars at your budget:
    Schecter Omen 6 FR (19k)
    Greg Bennett AV3 (16k)

    However, if you do want a processor, go for a Greg Bennett AV1....

    REMEMBER to stay away from Ibanex Gios, Jackson JS series guitars, Javas and Fender Squiers.... Trust me, you will regret buying them....
    Also stay away from low priced guitars with floating tremolo bridges... With one small divebombs, these low end bridges can destroy your tuning which might be a disaster if you are playing live...

    AND REMEMBER, but premium guitar cables (connectors) along with your setup since the low end ones that are given for free are really crappy and can add a lot of noise and hum to your playing...

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