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    I am a newbie in acoustic is 4 months this 4 month i learnt many chords,sargam on c major scale in different positions,some easy strumming based songs and also know how to play tabs....but my idea about scales is next to plzzzzzzzzz help me to improve my knowledge on scales.....someone plzzz help me...
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  3. suman_uav

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    i dont want this...i want the basic major and minor scale like A BCD etc.those rule the guitar..plzzzzz anyone help me to learn about those sclaes.......and give me the chord chsrts used in those different scales........plzzzzzz help meeee...
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    for EG:

    Chords Basic relatives: C ,G,F,Am,Em,Dm.G9th.

    find for others ma n enjoy
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    thnx for helping me.......but what do u mean by that EG?
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