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  1. nimish06

    nimish06 New Member

    Hey fellow Guitarists i need guitar chords and strumming pattern for a worship song. the is-"In Your Presence" and the artist is Jason Upton. Please post the strumming pattern alongwith the chords.Thanx a lot and May God Bless you all.
    D=Down strum
    U=Up strum
    - for Gap
    For Example- D-UUD-UUD ( please post the strumming pattern in this manner)
  2. sujitagarwal

    sujitagarwal New Member

    I tried my level best to find the chords...

    Actually i had a ringtone of this song, only this part was there on my computer, could you please tell me where to download this song? either u can mail me the song on my mail id...

    The strumming pattern is DDU-UD-U

    (Cm)Father, (Am)I am waiting
    (Ab/F)I need to hear (Bb)from You
    (Cm)To know that (Am)You’re approving
    (Cm)Of what I say (Bb)and do
    (Gm)Cause nothing (Cm)really satisfies
    (Ab)Like when You (Bb)speak my name
    (Gm)So tell me that (Cm)You’ll never leave
    (Ab)And everything will (Bb)be okay

    Hope you like it...
    Please leave a reply.
  3. nimish06

    nimish06 New Member

    Thanq so much!!!!

    May god bless u and u win gods favor in everything u do.....sure buddy lemme know ur id i have the song i'll mail u. Thanx again.
  4. sujitagarwal

    sujitagarwal New Member


    my email id is -
  5. nimish06

    nimish06 New Member

    Check ur mail....

    I have mailed u the song.....check it and notify me whether u have received it or not....Tkcr may god bless u.

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