Need full version of Guitar FX BOX 2.6 PLZ!!

Discussion in 'Computer Forum' started by siraznallot, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. siraznallot

    siraznallot New Member

    Hey all!
    Im a computer Geek >.> T.T.... and i need help, i current bning guitar for year now and i found out that i can hook up my guitar to my computer and use guitar FX BOX 2.6. (Trial version... only lets me play for 4 minits) anywho i need the full version and i could not find it any where >>>> Google, limewire, torrents T.T.... i apreachtd if u guys or gals hooked me up XD.

    P.S srry for the bad english!

  2. siraznallot

    siraznallot New Member

  3. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    get fx 3.04... its far far better...
  4. worker

    worker New Member

    Guitar FX BOX 2.6

    Guitar FX BOX 2.6

    Just plug your electric guitar to the sound card input, start Guitar FX BOX and enjoy - your guitar will scream and sing! This high quality sound processing program is acting just like a good collection of guitar effects pedals. You can use several of them at the same time, even all of them if you need so.

    Guitar FX BOX does REALLY real-time DSP. Signal is sampled from sound card input, processed and then sent to the output with VERY LOW LATENCY - virtually undetectable. This is achieved using DirectSound or WDM streaming for fast access to the hardware (sound card) and fast DSP algorithms optimized for realtime processing.

    Besides that, Guitar FX BOX features intuitive user interface, supports presets and hot keys for quick presets changing, MIDI/Game controllers pedals for wah-wah effect, configurable tuner, file input/output and more...

  5. Super-Admin

    Super-Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Please dont post links to pirated material.
  6. -Nemesis-

    -Nemesis- New Member

    Yeah,it's typical Indian attitude to encourage Piracy...if you're a computer geek,you would prolly find it,if you're a half - arsed wannabe..I wouldn't give a damn..and stop making threads like's annyoing

    Thread closed ------
  7. Mc Natzavor

    Mc Natzavor New Member

    why dont u just find a torrent
  8. demetron

    demetron New Member

    i have the full version

    i have the full version of guitar fx2.6 but can't post the link here as moderators if u want it mail me at
    by the way what kind of comp. geek you are as it can be easly downloaded by isohunt.
  9. demetron

    demetron New Member

    its sounds like no body needed that.or you guys afraid that i'll send you some kind of virus.
    lol :)
    if any body want it feel free to male me.
  10. rajarchit2005

    rajarchit2005 New Member

    i need Guitar FX 3.04 full version
    if any one have then please send me ...
  11. studentgangster

    studentgangster New Member

    I would rather recommend u 'Amplitube X-GEAR'. Awesome software for guitar effects processing!

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