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Discussion in 'Computer Forum' started by sumitcbrty, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. sumitcbrty

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    My name is Sumit and by hobby I am a 'budding' web designer. Recently I have started learning guitar chords and was searching for chord diagrams when I hit upon an idea - to create a tool for learning guitar chords. So I have created one here... - ONLING GUITAR CHORD LEARNING, PRACTISING AND CHORD-CHANGE SPEED BUILDING TOOL WITH CHORD DIAGRAM, FINGER POSITION AND AUDIO.

    Its basically a online webpage tool which can be used to learn guitar chords practise them and also for speed building.

    tool.jpg chord.jpg

    I have tested it on my own. But I believe I am biased. So I was just wondering if you could use this and let me know about your feed back. Any feedback is welcome be it good bad or straight on your face kind of thing but do tell me the truth.

    1. Chrome version you are using.
    2. Problem faced in using the interface.
    3. Problem faced in using the tool.
    4. Problem faced in understanding instructions.
    5. And above all, being new to guitar, I really love to know if I am messing up something as far as the chords and chord diagrams and the audio clip is concerned.

    and you suggestions are always welcome.

    NOTE: please visit this on chrome browser as it DOES NOT work on any other browser. No installation is needed. Its a plain webpage. Kindly use the comment page on the tool or you can mail me at and do leave your name and if you like your fb page or website link. Would love to include your name and the link on the Acknowledgement list and Software tester list.

    Hope I dont ask you much.

  2. valorous_vinay

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    Nice effort

    Really appreciate your innovative effort.But would definitely like to give my feedback/suggestion here .
    1)It's interface should be more interactive.
    2)All chords can be placed on the page itself in form of buttons and when these are clicked,this should change the picture with the details of positioning of the fingers/frets etc. like it does now ,but sequentially.
    3)Sound ends abruptly so u shud use fade-in and fade-out in your recorded sounds and with pauses if it's in loop mode.
    4)Instead of playing the chords automatically and changing ,once selected ,chords should play continuously until one wishes to switch to other or the timer ends.
    This was all my opinion and you are free to either implement this or ignore my comments ,I won't mind .

    But this is for sure,this is quite innovative and sincere effort for the indianguitartabber's community.
    Big applause for this.

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