Need details of Suresh Wadkar's Music School in Mumbai

Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by smitzonian, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. smitzonian

    smitzonian New Member

    hi ,

    can someone please give me details /contact nos etc for Suresh Wadkar's music school in Mumbai.

  2. sushmitadas

    sushmitadas New Member

    Can i am very passionate about singing and admire Suresh Wadkerji very much.Can i please get the adress or contact number of his classess in Mumbai as i want to join it and learn some beautiful singings.I will be obliged if i am rplied back.

  3. sachingairola

    sachingairola New Member

    well over 1000 views and only one reply thats too in question........lookss like not too many people use google.....heres the add for u guys...i think its correct.......Ajivasan Cambridge International School -- Ajivasan Education Complex, next to SNDT College, Santacruz [W.], Mumbai.......source of this add is....
    so plz don't blame me if its wrong.....i'm just trying to help.......
  4. Bollywood

    Bollywood New Member

    thanks buddy

    ASHA NAYYAR New Member

    i would like some info about admission formalities and fee structure to class 4 icse syllabus at ajivasan school
  6. meenamaansingh

    meenamaansingh New Member

    hey can i get details of suresh wadekars music academy im vry keen to join it
  7. mandiranandi

    mandiranandi New Member

    My daughter has great inclination for music & has been learning hindustani classical music for past five years.She's keen to learn more.We are highly influenced by Shri Suresh Wadekar's singing & would feel privileged to learn music from him.Kindly suggest how to contact his music school at Mumbai through proper channel.
    Looking forward to a quick response.
    Mandira Nandi
  8. gourishmahale

    gourishmahale New Member

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