Need Detail information about electric guitar.....!!!!!

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  1. xan

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    hello friends....i learnt guitar by my dont know much about guitars...m playing acoustic guitar.i dont hav friends who play no guidence...please help me regarding this coz m going to buy a new electric i shud knw somthing about what i m buying...i mean all questions like
    1.what is 3 pickups system?one at bridge, one at body and one at neck?what is function of using three?
    2.which pickups shud i go for?and what type?what output voltage?or they come integrated with guitar?
    3.what do i need to buy?
    4.which brand is best?
    5.other things that i shud giv attension while buying?things that i shud tell the shopkeeper that 'i want this and this'

    my budget is about 20k...i heard much about ibanez brand(especially GRG 170DX) and yamaha too that they are good...
    thanx for help in advance

    warm regards
  2. distorted

    distorted satan

    A pickup is a piece of magnet with copper wire wound on it... It is the electromagnetic device that converts the vibrations of yr strings to AC signals that are further amplified or processed by the amp/processor.
    They come installed within the guitar... Tell yr musical preferences, so dat we can suggest the best suited guitar fr u... N is d budget of 20k meant only fr the guitar or includes apm n effects too?
    N whr r u based?
  3. xan

    xan New Member

    thanx for reply

    i forgot to mention that i like indian songs(hindi) and some rock total budget is 20k plus or minus 3-4k...i mean including amp and all
  4. xan

    xan New Member

  5. cool.abhi79

    cool.abhi79 New Member

    given your preference for music

    hindi and some rock

    you are not too much into metal so dont go for ibanez 170 or 270 though first time when you will play them the charm of electric guitar will tell you its amazing ( and they are ) the sound is metal all the way.

    You should go for something like which has a HSS ( humbuckers-single-single coil ) format.

    Go to a shop try to your hearts content and look for the warm sounding guitar something that has sound close to acoustic and one that can do some rock stuff once you go the humbucker setting.

    hope this helps

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