Need chords & tabs of kailash Kher's song "saiya" with lyrics.

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  1. vims_hobner

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    hey guys.........i left guitar classis and you all save my money,,,,,,,,i joined this...... and practice some songs from this all done good job......
    without getting any money.......

    plz can any body hear a song of kailash kher........"saiya" , need chords of it.

    thanks to all.
    vimal : 098795-38949
  2. atiq

    atiq 4amanth2_2t1q

    Found it somewhere ( IGT i guess)

    Heere Moti main na chaahoon
    maaaiiin to chahoon sangam tera
    maaain to teri...iiii saiyyan
    Tu ha-aiai mera

    saiyaan... aaa...
    Saiyaan... aaa...

    Tu jo chhoole pyaar se aaraam se mar jaoon
    aaja chanda baahon mein tujh mein hi gum ho jaaoon main
    tere naam mein kho jaaoon

    saiyaan... aaa...
    Saiyaan... aaa...

    Interlude #1:

    Mere dil khushi se jhoome gayein raatein
    pal pal mujhe dubayein gaate jaate
    tujhe jeet jeet haroon yeh pran pran varoon
    haaye aise main niharoon teri aarti utaroon
    tere naam se jude hain saare naatein

    saiyaan... aaa...
    Saiyaan... aaa...

    Repeat previous chord structures (easily identifiable)
  3. nehamusiclover

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    thanx dude for the chords i was actually looking for it
  4. tarun_gupta2729

    tarun_gupta2729 New Member

    can any one tell hw to play this song on Amajor
  5. tarun_gupta2729

    tarun_gupta2729 New Member

    can you please tell how can i play this song using Amaj instead of C maj means hw othr chords will reflect change
    if you can then send it on my mail

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