need chords for mahi ve

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  1. sarmadkhan

    sarmadkhan New Member

    hello all :)
    i need chords for mahi ve by josh :) as soon as possible


    da real sarmadiii.......
  2. .:VinAY:.

    .:VinAY:. New Member

    Strong guitar the song has...itL be nice if somecan can post the chords here
  3. saqlainrizvi

    saqlainrizvi New Member


    C#m (dud) Dm (ud) [INTRO & ENDING]

    VERSE :

    Dm Bb C
    Mahive Mahive arz karan meine du az mani fitrat day

    Dm Bb C
    wadda mein ho k wein chukYa ravan dola way dola way himmat day

    The whole GoeS on on thiS choRd ProGreSSiOn !!

    exCept :

    C#m Dm
    ini saari rishta nibhawan mein

    C#m Dm
    gehranoo apna banawa mein

    BY: SaQlain
  4. saqlainrizvi

    saqlainrizvi New Member

    ..n han one moRe thInG ...
    all the choRds aRe BARRE choRds !!

    C#m = 446654
    Dm = 557765
    Bb = x13331
    C = x35553
  5. flksher

    flksher New Member

    the intro would be

    C#m G#m A

    i m damn sure about it

    and yeah all the chords are Bar chords
  6. umi_rulez

    umi_rulez New Member

    these are correct chords for intro even im dead sure about it

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