Need an online buddy.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by sundar334, Apr 27, 2014.

  1. sundar334

    sundar334 New Member

    Hi, I am a beginner and I'm looking for a guy with similar skills and interests as mine online with whom I can sort of share ideas and encourage one another while learning the instrument. If interested let me know. I currently own a rock guitar method book which I will be learning from.
  2. Jesse Marx

    Jesse Marx New Member

    Hi Sundar, what is your skill in playing guitar? are you a beginner, intermediate or advanced player? let me know we can share ideas...

    Thank you
    Jesse Marx
  3. sundar334

    sundar334 New Member

    Hi there, Currently I can play few open chords, Barre chords, power chords and few simple scales and stuff.
  4. mayur7375

    mayur7375 New Member

    hey dude.Even i am beginner,just started learning a few months back

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