Need a used guitar in kolkata

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by den, May 17, 2011.

  1. den

    den New Member

    Anyone out there willing to sell your electric guitar in kolkata..
    State the Gear Model, year and your expected price,
    if possible also upload a picture of yr guitar..
  2. varunmm4

    varunmm4 New Member

    Selling my ESP M50. Purchased in 2008. In great condition only one or two chips. Tremolo is a little worn so wont feel as smooth as a brand new one. Purchased for 15.5k expected price is 10k plus s&h. Will be shipping from Mumbai. Comes with ESP gig-bag. Let me know if interested.
  3. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    I'm also selling my Ibanez SA220FM... INR 12500 (Including Shipping from Bangalore)..
  4. den

    den New Member

    I need to test a bit, please dont mind, but without i hearing what it sounds like i dont want to buy it..
    so i want someone from kolkata..
  5. deepsal

    deepsal New Member

    Ibanez rga8 25k
    i m from kol
    and its a 8 string
  6. den

    den New Member

    No, i dont play 8 string..
    thanks anyway..
    Appreciate the offer :)
  7. siddhanthgupta

    siddhanthgupta New Member

    Looking at the offers you got, looks like you wouldn't want it, but I'll post it anyway. I'm willing to sell my Squier (by Fender) Stratocaster California series. Bought it 3yrs ago for 9K. Willing to sell it for 4.5k. I'm at kolkata, and i also have a Marshall MG15CD amp, which i'm also willing to sell for 2K.
  8. den

    den New Member

    @siddhant yeah i saw that in your ad here some time back..
    yr asking price is a little high i would say..4.5 for the entire bundle is cool..not just for the guitar..
    anyway thanks for yr offer..i think i would go with a new one.. :)
  9. jazzbopper

    jazzbopper New Member

    selling of my cort z 44 (zenox series) not posting the specifications here as you will get the details of the guitar from the cort web site..bought the guitar in 2010 Oct i its pretty new..MRP - 21.5k...will sell it off for 18K..check the reviews of the guitar on Harmony Central or other web won't be disappointed..let me know if you are interested..

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