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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by koushikshinde, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. koushikshinde

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    Hey all, 'm new hear.. and I love guitar, Music and on... And the weird part is:( I need a teacher. I have learnt basics, like major, minor, power and bar chords Also i can shift between chords (major).. But how will I grow up:(
  2. aceofspades

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    i kno.. m gonna go a lil offtopic in this thread now. .!!
    bt i need some help here.. I NEED THE TABS FOR THE SOLO OF KHALBALI... i cant find it anywher over d net.. n i somehow cant see the NEW THREAD button.. !

    HELP NEEDED.. thnk u
  3. johnmc09

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    hey, if you can do all that then I'd suggest you go to, they have piles of lessons and songs on there. some good ones to learn would be wish you were here (pink floyd) or she's electric (oasis). look up the songs on youtube if you dont already have them and play away, they'll help you shift between minor major and barre chords and give you some practice with single note picking:)

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