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  1. skmalladi

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    I live in USA (originally from Hyderabad) and am looking for an India based guitar instructor who can teach me over Skype (or any other such video service).
    I am interested in learning to play Bollywood music but am also a rock fan. I'd like to pick up some Telugu songs as well but you don't need to know Telugu for that.
    My end goal is to get to a stage where I can play a song by ear. This is the most important part of teaching me.
    I'm not a complete beginner and can play few songs that I picked up online and know the basics of scales and chords. Perhaps you can consider me as someone who has been playing for about a year. My finger speed is a bit slow and changing chords is sometimes slow but I can pick up songs after a bit of practice. I can read tabs quite easily and play from tabs.
    Anyway, that's that about me.
    If you have at least 5+ years of playing the guitar and can play songs by ear and can guide me in my learning process, please let me know. You need to also have a high speed internet connection so our Skype sessions can go smoothly, especially if we need to watch each other play.
    I will pay hourly. If you have a PayPal account, I'll send you the money after every lesson and I will pay promptly. PayPal is quickest and easiest way to pay, I think. Maybe weekly lessons would work well.
    I will be professional in my dealings and expect my instructor to be also professional and have my best interest at heart while teaching me.

    So please contact me if you are interested.

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