Need a lead guitarist and a drummer

Discussion in 'Form a Band' started by vocalstrings, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. vocalstrings

    vocalstrings New Member

    Hey guys

    m sandipan,need a lead guitarist and a drummer for forming a band of alternative genre,my inspirations are Linkin park,green day,poets of the fall,metallica,P.O.D,Audioslave.HINDI BANDS jal,raeth,euphoria,etc.Bengali Lakkhichara,fossils,cactus,etc.I play guitar and i am a vocalist,i am learning music since approx1 year,I am not talking about jamming i am talking abt serious rehearsals,i live in kolkata,waiting for reply

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    hey it will be helpful for others if u put ur title as Need a lead guitarist and a drummer in Kolkata..... :)
  3. granthik4u

    granthik4u New Member

    need a lead guitarist .for my band U-TURN.......Granthiik 9830704864

    need a lead guitarist .for my band U-TURN.......Granthik 9830704864

    Tollygunge ....kolkata
  4. vocalstrings

    vocalstrings New Member

    Basically i am a Vocalist,i play guitar rhythm and arpegios,i have been playing guitar since three years,Wat is ur band genre and line up?
  5. granthik4u

    granthik4u New Member

    Line Up

    Me(Granthik) ...Vocals nd Gtr
    Tito ---Bass(Past member of insomnia)
    Tuhin--drums (played with sivamani)
    Lead Gtr --not present now

    we dont want to bound ourselves in a particular genre ..we r just try to do good music no onw can band our music
  6. vocalstrings

    vocalstrings New Member

    Your words describes your passion towards music,good to see passionate people about music,i ,really wanted to join the band but the line up is almost complete,nyways good luck for achieving success in music


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