need a hindi rock band vocal.

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  1. deba_sanyal07

    deba_sanyal07 New Member

    need a hindi rock band vocal.
  2. anmol13999

    anmol13999 New Member

    u got it

    hi,myself based in delhi.if yes mail email is can play rhythm guitar along wid vocals 4 both hindi and english rock.
  3. krazykiru

    krazykiru New Member

    hey ya i m a vocalist ,my name is kiran porey, 19 and half male. hav been learnin classical vocal music been more than 8 years, i hav performed with many bands in nepal and kolkata.and im the lead vocalist in our college band, but since i've just cum from nepal,i dont have my own band .so i was searchin for one, i can sing in hindi,bengali,english,and nepali too. so if u be interested in me u can contact me in,or or and my no. is 9432082420,
    will be waitin for ur reply and kindly tell the place wher u r in.hey i forgot 2 write i play guitar too not lead but only support in chords and rythm

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