Need a Drummer for the band Wine2Blood

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  1. TuN

    TuN New Member

    Well guys for for the Change
    for got to write the location and suitable hometown for the drummer
    Yoo guys.. I m AttA the Bassist of the band Wine2Blood
    its like we need permenent drummer for our band. For deep intro
    We got our album ready and got sponsership from IC.Records and Pepsi
    casue I m also working with the new Vitalsings as a bassist. {VitalSign the name is transfered from Junaid to Saad Jehangir}
    Well if any of u is a drummer and thinks hes good .. he can play a test jamm with us

    Drummer should be living in Islamabad/Rawalpindi
    cause we Wine2blood are from Rawalpindi

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