Natrang Intro Tabs

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  1. pritish16

    pritish16 New Member

    Hi Everyone

    Check out Natrang Intro

    B| ----6----------------8-5-6-8-6--------------
    G| --7-----------------------------7---6-7-7-7-

    Post ur comments on it ;)
  2. kishorahire

    kishorahire New Member

    looks good..
    Can you post the intro tabs for the song
    "Komal kaaya kee mohamaaya punav chandan nhaale .... ."
  3. kapilbari

    kapilbari New Member

    Khup Chhan.

    Very nice:) thanks....
  4. nitinkadam20

    nitinkadam20 New Member

    I enjoyed.

  5. Preet_31

    Preet_31 New Member

  6. persionguitar

    persionguitar New Member

  7. persionguitar

    persionguitar New Member

    hi everyone can some1 post me guitar chords for pari mhanu ki sundara from golmaal
  8. swapnopia

    swapnopia New Member

    Very nice I've been lookin for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Moderator

    Moderator New Member

    Small correction

    Good effort, just one small correction at 12th note of 1-5

    B| ----6----------------8-5-6---6--------------
    G| --7-----------------------------7---6-7-7-7-

    Hope u dont mind but this is my ringtone and I know this piece inside out...

  10. sachin2gurav

    sachin2gurav New Member

    ekdum mast aashich marathi gani ajun bhetudya
  11. kunal21

    kunal21 New Member

    tabs 4 man udhan waryache!!!!!!
  12. prisonbreak

    prisonbreak New Member

    Thanks a lot pritish
  13. Maxnumar

    Maxnumar New Member

    Does anyone have any guitar tabs for the intro and other songs in MSCF? I love the song in the starting movie and the other one that plays when you select it in the disc channel. Thanks
  14. mohi

    mohi New Member

    Superb start for me :)
  15. sumitcbrty

    sumitcbrty New Member

    will try that. thanks
  16. rr_only4you

    rr_only4you New Member

    Hi, Please provide full song tabs for Natarang intro tune.....

    Hi, Please provide full song tabs for Natarang intro tune.....
  17. rr_only4you

    rr_only4you New Member

    Full song tabs

    Can anyone share NATARANG full song tabs.....
  18. nck1010

    nck1010 New Member

    Can any body send tabs for "dhundi Kalyana dhundi phoolana shabruo ale aaj mukya bhavnanna"
  19. decent

    decent New Member

    n tyachyapudhcha? :)
  20. dhaneshmane

    dhaneshmane New Member

    oye tht sounds perfect thx for correction,

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