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  1. Nav Neeth

    Nav Neeth New Member

    wat abt natpukullae post tat one pls d ful sng
  2. deimos

    deimos New Member

    This song is very nice to play in Guitar. Also easy for beginer to learn.
    the Chords goes like this,
    Am F | G C try these chords, u have to play half note each, and the strumming pattern is simple DU|DU.
    these chords goes through out the song.

    Please Comments are welcome
  3. Super-Admin

    Super-Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Deimos, can you please put up the complete song with the chords, that will be more helpful :)
  4. deimos

    deimos New Member

    you can refer these posts will try to post entire song in the next post. (try play along with the song U will be able to figure out the chords properly and the timing)
    Am F | G C | *4 for the intro u have play these chords four time

    "Am*F(half note each)"Natpukulle "G*C(half note each)"oru perivingu vandathe
    "Am*F(half note each)"yen endru "G*C(half note each)"athu theriyavilli

    this goes out through out the song. Also try playing with muting effect. its something like when ur playing the chords for second time just touch the string instead of pressing the string. It will introduce a muting effect

    Struming patern u can go along with the rythm of the song 2/2 (DUDU) ( u can also change the struming patern)

    I am following DU-UU- where ever '-' comes try muting

    Am F
    DU- UU-
    G C
    DU- UU-

    Definitely u can use ur own struming pattern (which ever sounds good is ok) and its not strict rule u have to follow my strumming.

    Comments are welcome
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  5. raaju

    raaju New Member

    Try this..

    G G Em D

    G G C D....

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