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    Received in email. How much is the truth?

    Facts about "Jana Gana Mana" - Just a thought for the National Anthem! How
    well do you know about it?

    I have always wondered who is the "adhinayak" and "bharat bhagya vidhata",
    whose praise we are singing. I thought might be Motherland India! Our
    current National Anthem "Jana Gana Mana" is sung throughout the country.

    Did you know the following about our national anthem, I didn't.

    To begin with, India's national anthem, Jana Gana Mana Adhinayaka, was
    written by Rabindranath Tagore in honour of King George V and the Queen of
    England when they visited India in 1919.

    To honour their visit Pandit Motilal Nehru had the five stanzas included,
    which are in praise of the King and Queen. (And most of us think it is in
    the praise of our great motherland!!!)

    In the original Bengali verses only those provinces that were under British
    rule, i.e. Punjab, Sindh, Gujarat, Maratha etc. were mentioned. None of
    the princely states were recognised which are integral parts of India now
    Kashmir, Rajasthan, Andhra, Mysore or Kerala. Neither the Indian Ocean nor
    the Arabian Sea was included, since they were directly under Portuguese
    rule at that time.

    The Jana Gana Mana Adhinayaka implies that King George V is the lord of the
    masses and Bharata Bhagya Vidhata is "the bestower of good fortune".

    Following is a translation of the five stanzas that glorify the King:

    First stanza: (Indian) People wake up remembering your good name and ask
    for your blessings and they sing your glories. (Tava shubha naame
    jaage;tava shubha aashish maage, gaaye tava jaya gaatha)

    Second stanza: Around your throne people of all religions come and give
    their love and anxiously wait to hear your kind words.

    Third stanza: Praise to the King for being the charioteer, for leading the
    ancient travellers beyond misery.

    Fourth stanza: Drowned in the deep ignorance and suffering,
    poverty-stricken, unconscious country? Waiting for the wink of your eye and
    your mother's (the Queen's) true protection.

    Fifth stanza: In your compassionate plans, the sleeping Bharat (India) will
    wake up. We bow down to your feet O' Queen, and glory to Rajeshwara (the

    This whole poem does not indicate any love for the Motherland but depicts a
    bleak picture. When you sing Jana Gana Mana Adhinayaka, whom are you
    glorifying? Certainly not the Motherland. Is it God? The poem does not
    indicate that.

    It is time now to understand the original purpose and the implication of
    this, rather than blindly sing as has been done the past fifty years.

    Nehru chose the present national anthem as opposed to Vande Mataram because
    he thought that it would be easier for the band to play!!! It was an absurd
    reason but Today for that matter bands have advanced and they can very well
    play any music. So they can as well play Vande Mataram, which is a far
    better composition in praise of our dear Motherland India.

    Wake up, it's high time! Shouldn't Vande Mataram be our National Anthem.
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  2. vishwa_81us

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    Amit its indeed a great post....

    I totally agree with u.. i also heared this controversy a long back.. and I also was surprised to know the real meaning behind our national anthem.. It was told that Tagore also wanted Bankim Chandra's Vandemataram to be our national anthem..
    But i never knew that only because of a stupid reason like that jana gana was made our anthem.. But now we have composers like A.R.Rahman who have redefined Vandemataram.. ( i m not saying Rahman's vandemataram to be our national anthem )

    I would really like Vandemataram to be our national anthem..

    Reps to u amit...

    vishwa :cool:
  3. amit82cse

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  4. amit82cse

    amit82cse Silent observeR

  5. anshphenomenon

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    thats a gr8 info...
  6. rocking_devil

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    wow ... i din know ALL that!but i knew all that!:p: xept for what all stanza's meant!
  7. jamhead

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    yes it should.

    and nehru was a butthead.
  8. Nanda

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    Who cares ... I live in country full of jerks and illitrates ,.,, stuck to the past and the sh!t of the past ...
    coz its done by elders ...
  9. light_of_erindi

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    cool info...i'll look up on that...
  10. .:SpY_GaMe:.

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    india should progress

    first step condoms should be free
    its not that am being obscene but u guys need to control ur population growth only then the counry can become an economic giant :cool:
  11. i'll pay for em :cool:
  12. Hardik

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    what?? :confused: ........ :Lighten: >>> :banana:>>>> :chase: >>> :boff: .....:insane: .. :RollLol:
  13. Hardik

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    if condoms are free then ppl here are such that they'll collect them from here and sell them in nieghbouring countries..... :mad:

    i tell you...India needs a diatator for some straighten things out...pll are taking advantage of freedom given to them ........
  14. Nanda

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    Do ya JERKS know why India IS doing well today !!!!
    ITS BCOZ of population ... Finally the countries with population WIN ...
    Can u imagine .. How it brings down the cost of labour ...
    And why do u think we r getting JOBS easily ... Ths bcoz of the population ...
    Come on those stuffs telling that population is a problem is the thing of past ...
    Tell me one good reason why it should come down ...
    If we have money we can buyout any crap ...
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    amen to that.

    and man good to see you back :)
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    ^ jamheads a women! but talks like a man! one of the kind! LONG LIVE JAMHEAD

    NOTE :: pakis ....plz dun interefere in this thread for a while and kindly dun invite musharraf here ! this is for a gud cause :grin:
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    wha.....?....i never checked out jamhead's profile.....he's a she? discovery of the day...!!!hehe:)
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    yeah...well, its hard to find females of such attitude these days! but jamheads is the one here in igt!
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    remember when i had made a list of top postERS ... She was no 1 .. And many said she is a guy ?
    wht ever make no damn diff to me ...
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    Jammy is a guy.

    trust me...I have him on yahoo and msn. before leaving IGT he changed his gender to a she.
    in the profile :p:

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