Nasa sued for upsetting harmony to the universe

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    An astrologer, who received approval from Russian court, plans to sue NASA over its planned mission to blow a crater in the Tempel 1 comet. The claimant, Russian Marina Bai, says that such an act will "disrupt the natural balance of the universe" and wants $300 million in damages.

    In a $279 million project, a spacecraft called Deep Impact was launched in January which will intercept the comet and release a 370-kilogram self-guided impactor which, on July 4th, is expected to make a football stadium-sized crater in its target. Effects of the collision will be visible from earth with an amateur telescope.

    Scientists believe that the resulting crater will yield clues to the formation of the solar system and provide important information on altering the course of comets or asteroids on a collision course with Earth.

    The astrologer's lawyer says, "My client believes that the NASA project infringes upon her spiritual and life values as well as the natural life of the cosmos and would disrupt the natural balance of forces in the universe."
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    great info... :think: $300 million in damages...thats a huge sum.... :p:
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    nutcases.....:):) day these guys will sue the tidal power houses for "disrupting the sea"....:)
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    lol crazy!!! whats this world coming to *rolls eyes*
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    cheap russian looking to make an easy buck
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    ^^You put it the best way possible. Ha Ha $300 million for upsetting 'spiritual values', what crap!!

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