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    namastey to all my friends. i am a beginer on guitar. can anyone tell me a good book in market to help learn to play guitar
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    You will develop essential skills if you take the time to practise scales and modes every day for at least an hour to begin with, then for two or three hours if you can spare the time. Buy a scale and mode thesaurus, a chord dictionary, and a metronome or drum machine. Start with a major scale beginning from a part of the neck that you can span from a fixed starting point. I suggest low e string 5th fret to e7 to a4 to a5 to a7 to d4 to d6 to d 7. Descend by playing the same notes in reverse order when you hit d7. Keep playing until you memorise that little pattern and it is familiar to the ear.
    Set your drum machine or metronome on say 60 or 80 bpm and pluck each subsequent string on the click or tap of the hi-hat symbol.

    E5 and d7 are the same note ie "A" d7 is the octave of E5. Practise this pattern for one hour then 2morrow repeat the sequence on the three unwound strings. Sadly the pattern over two octaves using all six strings is asymmetric I want you to post back here and tell me which note sounds "wrong"

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