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    Hi everyone...Im a 19 yr old guy frm delhi. I've been listening to metal and rock for a long time now, and hence i wished i cud play a little of those awesome riffs and solos too and i am just starting as a guitarist now....I cud definitely do with some gud advice from the experienced and the not so experienced. what mistakes to avoid, where to buy gear, where to go for repair etc. etc. And since APNA BHARAT MAHAAN, i was very glad i found a gud forum with my fellow indians with a whole section dedicated to beginners....well that's my intro..or rather, the reason why i decided to join this forum.

    As for me...well what do you wanna know about me? im just another regular guy among the millions, with the normal aspirations, likes dislikes and fears of guys my age. I like pretty girls with long legs, enjoy eating maggi and french fries, and love listening to good music.

    Looking forward to some serious guitar playing. woohoo!
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    Free Music Unplugged Facility for Musicians in Chennai

    Hi everybody, We have opened a Music Unplugged Facility (MU) for musicians to exchange ideas and jam @ The Corner Stone Hall, No.39, Besant Avenue, Adyar, Chennai - 600 020. Its 'on' on Saturdays between 2pm to 7pm. We opened on 26th Feb 2011 and the second session is on 05-03-2011. Its free. To see the last weeks photos and details, check out my Facebook at Henry M. Balachandran or mail to my id '' and i will send you a FB invite. Its for musicians and all musicians are invited. The music is unplugged. We are providing an house PA, 3 guitars and amp and 4 mikes, mixer ( & CD player if you want to use your track). Do come and share with us your musical talents.

    Dr. Henry

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