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  1. Zeus

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    Nakhre Wali, Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho

    Nakhre Wali, Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho

    Nakhre Wali, Dekhne mein mein dekh lo hai kaisi bholi bhali, Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho

    Ajnabi yeh chhorian dil pe dalen doriyan
    B Em

    Man ki kali, Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho

    Woh to koi aur thi jo aankhon se sama gayi dil mein
    A Em

    Gidli a ee, gid li o uuu, gidli aee ee
    D Em

    Berehem, bewafa, apna kuchh ata pata bata to de..

    Berehem, bekali, ho ho ho, bekasi, ho ho ho

    kuchh to kam ho phir se muskara to de.. O berehem

    Woh to koi aur thi jo aankhon se sama gayi dil mein

    Gidli a ee, gid li o uuu, gidli aee ee
  2. NuageOutlaw

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    kool song. thanx!
  3. sagar_saxena

    sagar_saxena New Member

    great song zeus. thnx. i have the perfect strumming pattern for this.
  4. sagar_saxena

    sagar_saxena New Member

    intro music and ending ka music

    intro music is something like

    B-7-7-10----10----7----7-7-10-----10------ in this last ka 9 and 10 play it like a chord

    last ka music is something like this
    you may play this music at a little lower pitch as well.. play it in the same pattern magar 6 ke badle 10 se shuru karo.. see which which one sounds good to you.

    please leave any suggestions/comments/corrections
  5. khushalbhadra

    khushalbhadra New Member

    can anyone share a bit advanced chords for this song with exact bars if possible?

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