Nagin Tab {Guitar Pro 5 File}

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  1. arjunsaini316

    arjunsaini316 New Member

    Dudes this pretty much my first tab on this site so please don't throw all the criticism at once on me . Hope you won't get a chance to............

    Link :-

    Steps :-
    1. Enter the password given on top right of the screen.
    3.Click the link to start download.
    4. Run the file with Guitar Pro 5
    5.In case you don't have one find the 11MB TRIAL VERSION setup from Google.
  2. kunals83

    kunals83 New Member

    Very nice ;-)...i will try put a recording of this :)
  3. jayanthc999

    jayanthc999 New Member

    hey nice tab..............
    but basically its done on a distortion guitar with right hand tapping
    tap the notes on the 12th fret
    also the original song is a little faster
  4. zsaurabh

    zsaurabh New Member

    Good yaar..
  5. IndianGuitarFor

    IndianGuitarFor New Member

    Good work bro.Keep it up.

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