Naagin the lady cobra- acoustic, my version

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  1. sunil_daddy

    sunil_daddy New Member

    many newbies ask for this instrumental...
    yess it is cool
    here's an easy version tabbed by me on acoustic
    for all the beginners....

    youtube sample:

    best of luck

    tabs included in .txt file attached

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  2. prithick_56

    prithick_56 New Member

  3. raga2303

    raga2303 Member

    Excellent tabs.. great guitaring in video.. though the tune looks little funny on guitar, but I love your work..You rock man...
  4. kushalkulll

    kushalkulll New Member

  5. kushalkulll

    kushalkulll New Member

    hey dude...ur vids kul...bandeya from khuda ke liye vid...can u put it up???
  6. sunil_daddy

    sunil_daddy New Member

    thanx man

    thanx ppl...

    and if its bandeya u need, i've started working on that...

    meanwhile i'll be putting up some arabic acoustic stuff... please do have a look at that ... all you fellow guitarists
  7. kushalkulll

    kushalkulll New Member

  8. andhura

    andhura New Member

    There's a song called Naagin - the cobra! What B grade was this from?

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