My view on Yamaha CG101A(classical), Signature jumbo and pluto jumbo guitars

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    Hi all,
    I used to live in pune since last 8 years, but now am in Dhanbad with my parents.
    So i had to go to kolkata to buy guitars. I had Pluto jumbo acoustic guitar with cutaway in Pune, which i sold off. Then i bought Ibanez GRG170dx from pune. Now i have Signature acoustic jumbo and YAMAHA CG101A guitars.
    First about Pluto. Its slightly better in finish and workmanship in fretboard than Granada, but all know that Grananda sound best in sub 3000 range. So i put D'addario's phosphor bronze strings on it, and polished the frets. It is better than all indian guitars, since it sounds and handles better. Good for students on a budget. If you can spend rs 5000 for acoustic guitar, there is an IBANEZ jumbo model, i don't remember name, but its sound and craftmanship is like guitars costing 10000+

    Next about Signature jumbo acoutic. I don't know why, but there is too less mention about them on this site. Those are not that bad for beginners. I can say best sound amongst indian guitars. And the action is very low. Although the fret needs polishing and expert care, and what u have is a decent indian guitar.
    Specially the bracing of top soundboard in different than conventional straight ones.
    Thus it gives better tone to the guitar. And change the strings to get a better sound.

    Now about my Yamaha CG101A.
    Actually i had about 20000 rs for buying a good flamenco guitar. But no one in kolkata keeps classical guitars other than yamaha c40 and plutos and granadas.
    So i ordered the Signature guy to bring TWO the costliest yamaha classical guitar he can get, and all he brought me was this. I was kinda late for my train to dhanbad, so i bought it without much choice. He sold it to me for RS 9800! Whereas its price is mentioned around 12000 on the yamaha music india site. So i wonder, why did i get such a cheap deal? I don't think he cheated me about the instrument cuz it was sealed pack in those yamaha rectangular cardboard boxes when arrived in the shop, and opened in front of me.
    Guys plz comment on why i got it cheap?
    On the other hand its really nice, with warm tone, much better than C series classical guitars.
    Spruce top, nato sides and back gives it read good sound. Fretboard is perfect and smooth.
    Strings are nice too, and the bass strings resonate too well.
    The only regret i have is that we don't get the american CG101A guitar here, which have Cedar top and much better sound and build quality than indonesian yamahas.
    If i can sell this brand new piece for good rate, then i will buy CG171f flamenco. Since i am inspired by Esteban and jesse cook and other flamenco guitarists.
    I also learned rumba flamenco rhythm from youtube and it sounds lovely on my guitar. Soon i will make my original rumba based song.

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