My take on linkin park's latest album "living things"

Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by tirtha2chester, Jun 16, 2012.

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    First of all if you think you will be greeted with the band's roots, the old music that quite a few of of us born in the 90's grew up with, a few of you guys like me for whom Linkin Park was one of the acts that led you to become a metalhead, you are highly mistaken... Except for a 2 minute track called "Victimized", none of the songs are even close to being classified heavy... But being heavy doesn't mean that it should be bad.... Still, what really bothered me throughout the entire album was the overuse and abuse of electronics... Seemed that the new album was highly swaying to somewhat near Skrillex and Pendulum... The other thing was that I couldn't even hear the guitar throughout most of the album, but Brad Delson was audible with his vocals in a particular track... Nevertheless, being what Linkin Park are, they deliver a pretty decent job... Not excellent or outstanding but not below average either... What you will really get to hear in this album is something totally new, something completely different, nothing like anything and kudos to Linkin Park for such creativity... I still feel that the band could have done with a bit more guitar in the songs... And they could have extended their songs a bit and there was plenty of scope to do so... None of the songs lasted 4 minutes...

    What really ticks you on across the songs are the outstanding lyrics and splendid melody.. I can safely say that the songs make good lullabies... Vocals and guitar work were average but excellent songwriting.. Though I do miss the good ol' LP, I can say that the band has worked hard on the album..

    My pick of the album: "Castle of Glass" and "I'll Be Gone"
    Also give the songs "Powerless", "Roads Untravelled" and "In my Remains" a listen...

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