My Saawariya Title Recording

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  1. absolutezero_23

    absolutezero_23 New Member

    Hi friends,
    this diwali propped me up to record 1 more beautiful song from saawariya. if u have time, pls tell me howz it. i couldnt sing as well as Shail i.e. couldnt reach those high notes but still its come out quite good, especially the six-string! after all, hum trained singer toh nahi hain hehe...mebbe with some more practice, it could be better. pls review it!
    check it out here:

    i used the chords posted by some member on this site(mebbe sheermelofy, im not sure). thanks for that!
  2. abxxab

    abxxab New Member

    Nice Work...

    Can u share the tabs/chords of this song....


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