My renditions of meri tanhai(unplugged) and sajish

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    Hey all,
    I am Amar, a decent guitarist, pianist and vocalist from Hyd who is a member of a Techno Rock/Sufi Rock outfit named Retrofusion.
    So, i caught a cold the other day and couldnt go to college and well had nothing much to do.So I recorded some covers of meri tanhai unplugged(from the movie jashn) and another song called sajish
    If u guys can hear em out and gimme ur thoughts, that wud be freakin good ppl.
    Heres the link (P.S just copy it and open it apparently i dont have enuf posts to post a url)

    Arpeggio=> Yamaha PSR E313 Piano synth
    Bass=> Yamaha PSR E313 Bass synth
    Vocals => Mine!!!!!

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