My recordings - please suggest!

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  1. billy_joe

    billy_joe New Member

    hi people,

    I am a new member here. :)

    Please guide me about the voacals as i got the time limit of just 30 days to improve it, as much as i could.

    I had started with TAKE A LOOK AROUND - LIMP BIZKIT (MI2 TRACK) as i thought it would be easy.

    So please give your feed back and guidance. no matter how ever harsh but speak truth. i wont even mind if someone ask me to leave VOCALS thing.. but speak truth because i want to improve my vocals.

    abouth this file - the sound quality of this file got little weird as i tried adding some effects and i did not make any back up of the previous one.

    Thank you,
    people.. waiting for your comments! :)

    here is link..
  2. billy_joe

    billy_joe New Member

    come on people..

    yet no replies.. suggestions.. tips.. bla..bla!

    i need them. Feedback please!
  3. billy_joe

    billy_joe New Member

    no reply till now? :O

    ..i think this a dead place!!
  4. andhura

    andhura New Member

    Are they gonna shoot you in 30 days? Shouldn't it be 29 now?
  5. billy_joe

    billy_joe New Member

    yep, you are right bro! ..they gonna shoot me!

    and you want to make it 29? are devil! :x

    ..unnmm anybody care to reply on my recorde thing?
  6. pravin4u

    pravin4u New Member

    I don't know whether its our mic or your sound systems..but I felt your voice thin...try n use better sound systems, also practice to sing the song in timing ..I felt its out of tempo..if you are live performer it’s a must! If you want just for recording purpose, try Fruity Loops or similar software to adjust your vocals with song beat/timing. There are lots of tutorials on YouTube to improve your singing / fruity loops/ music is what I found good try it..

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