My recordings of semi classical songs

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  1. smitzonian

    smitzonian New Member

    Check out some of my semi classical attempts...

    i have just started learning indian classical ... i have miles to go yet !! but .... i thought i would share what i am learning..
  2. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    Hey smitzonian, listened to all your classical songs, its not bad, it just sounds good, but not good enough as you certainly have noticed aswell.
    I'm missing the vibrations and modulations in your voice, just listen the first song, Piya Ki Najariya, at 22-25sec. and 29-32sec when singing "prem" you'll know what i mean!
    But you said you started learning classical, i think it will certainly help you, in any case it won't harm you at all, just do the best you can and some day you will notice that things are getting better and better!

    Overall you did an excellent job, keep posting smitzonian, take care!!!
  3. smitzonian

    smitzonian New Member

    thanks K! i have just learnt for precisely a month and half and i know i have a longgggggggggggg way to go :) but i know if i practice they way i have been .. nothing can stop me for getting the modulations and vibrations..... i am actually looking for a good teacher in mumbai ... lets see .... thanks for taking the time to hear all my songs..

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