my recording: Phir Dekhiye (Rock On)

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  1. hsachdeva

    hsachdeva New Member

    Hello Guys,

    Here's an attempt by me and my sister on the song Phir Dekhiye from the movie Rock On

    Phir Dekhiye (Rock On)

    Keyboard: Jasmine
    Guitar: Himanshu
    Vocals: Jasmine

    Guitar Chords:
    Capo Used on second fret ...
    Chords Used (with ref. to capo):

    Main Song:
    A Bm F#m D E

    Interlude 1:
    Bm D E

    Interlude 2:
    Bm A Bm D A
  2. dr_guitar

    dr_guitar New Member

    man, amazing play... plz do tell me which microphone and which webcam u used to do this recording. ? really good quality... :) keep it up. and your sister did extremely well at the vocals. perfect "jugalbandi" :)
  3. hsachdeva

    hsachdeva New Member

    thanks :)

    Well I have used Canon Powershot S5 IS.

    Thats the only camera I have with me and its basically a digital camera primarily for still photography but its video capabilities are also good.

    Even the sound is being recorded by camera microphone (like in a movie recording mode).
    Though the vocals are being processed by a computer software to add some reverb in real time, but the speaker sound and guitar are being heard by camera microphone.

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