my recording of piyu bole (parineeta)

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  1. rakesh_sargam

    rakesh_sargam New Member

    dear frnds of IGT...
    all the times i have been learning from igt and i am reallly big fan of guys like jayswami and bandbaaja....and many more..

    i thought may be i should post something which may make beginners feel that if this guy can learn guitar on his own then why can't they..Here I have not played in normal rhythm...but plucking sort of thing..

    (D)Piyu bole (A) Piya bole(D) dil kyon dole(A) janoo naa(D)....

    in antara..just on Dmaj..first line---ek nadi se maine poocha..
    and Amaj second line door tere pee ka ghar..hai..ithla ke chaldi kaha..

    this song is from movie parineeta ....and really sweet song..only chords i used are D and A.(may be u will find half note difference coz i tune my guitar for my throat).in between i have also played random tabs whichever i felt fits with the song..just notes near dmajor chord...u will easily get it..

    link :http://

    Sorry if you are not able to access the file...could not record the song well but will try next time .....though i would love to get your feedback..coz i am still learning guitar....and it will definately help me in getting better.

    plz..comeone..tell me..someting..bad or good anything..

  2. rakesh_sargam

    rakesh_sargam New Member

    Come on guys reply..till now???
    few more songs are there..if you can check them and tell your feedback it would be great help for me..

    o sanam --lucky ali(G C A D)
    purani jeans..-(Cmaj..Am,F and G) advance..
  3. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    hey it on igt soundtrack.......

    anyways heard ur song...........a very good voice i must say..........
    nice soothin tone.........
    vocals are great......

    but the guitarin needs to be improved slightly........
    some parts ur hurryin with ur pluckin......jus have one smooth trmpo which ur comfortable with....then rec the song.......

    vocals- 8/10
    guitarin -5/10
    rec 6/10

    keep postin dude.......hope the reply helped........

  4. sawarkaranil

    sawarkaranil New Member

    I need the chords for all the songs from om shanti om
  5. sawarkaranil

    sawarkaranil New Member

    chords for the song

    I need the chords for Aakho me tere from the film om shanti om
  6. rakesh_sargam

    rakesh_sargam New Member

    Thanks Sukrut....
    I really appreciate the way you evaluated my song.!!!

    .I would definately come up with something much better ...and I am trying hard to improve my guitar skills...For Recording part ,i am sorry coz i was bit carried away and posted it earlier..I would definately try to record the song in professional manner from next time.....

    But what i am saying is I read all these chords on IGT and played them i am really thankful to IGT champions ....and I would suggest two names to all the newbies...Jayswami and bandbaaja...they are most of the times 99.99% sure about the chords ..but its difficult for the beginners like me to change so many chord in between a line...and especially the 7th chords or more complex things ..mentioned by them..Still even if we could play half of what they write in IGT then also the songs look good...!!

    waiting for more suggestions...

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