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  1. ENT

    ENT TuMhArAa_AKS

  2. yup ENT...well i can say that u can do better..u just need control on your pitch and rythm..u can do a lot better than of luck...singin with guitaring need efforts to achieve that...reps
  3. slipknot_555

    slipknot_555 RuHH..

    hey ent.. really nice cover. bikhra hoon main ??? u played in another scale :(
  4. ENT

    ENT TuMhArAa_AKS

    well thanks guys ...well i heard goher playing like this in a tv show so...and that was lil easy for me tried that
  5. Quadrophenia

    Quadrophenia New Member

    vocals need fine tuning...otherwise they' re pretty good....guitaring..well..your loads of practise...recording.. i can hear birds tweeting in the background???? whats that all about?
    overall impressive vocals.keep practising good luck :)
  6. ENT

    ENT TuMhArAa_AKS

    hahahah vocals thanks man
  7. Priyank_Jal_fan

    Priyank_Jal_fan ..:[Snip]:..

    good .... keep it up....
  8. jimy

    jimy Musician

    hmmmm : ) up the good work
  9. ENT

    ENT TuMhArAa_AKS

    ok i will try my best

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