My Recording- Aadat

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  2. Keoraf

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    Good effort, good voice good guitaring and good vocals, except some Sur faults, its not so steady, the Sur is fluctuating in parts of the song, so try improving that!
    Overall a good try and not bad at all, the recording isn't good, try removing the irritating noise in the background!
    Take care man and keep posting!!
  3. sukrut

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    ^yeah man........totally agree......

    there were quite a few places where u flucuated in ur sur (if I notice, then it means its quite audible! cuz I usually cant make out!!!).......try inproving on that.....

    and ur recording quality has to improve keoraf said....get rid of that cringing sound in the background and that'll do wonders....

    also record ur voice and guitar on separate tracks and then mix it with some effects.......i can see in this rec that u used only one track....the guitar is louder than the vocals.....

    but keep roking man.... and soon u'll get the hang of recording!

  4. Jimmy Page

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    Really nice.Can u post the chords and tabs u used.

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