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Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by guitarrishu, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. guitarrishu

    guitarrishu New Member

    I'm a newbie. I got my acoustic guitar 15 days back. I've never played any instrument but I've good sense of
    music. With guitar, I got DVD, tuner, extra strings as well. For first 4 days, i followed DVD and learnt basic things.
    On Sunday, I took private lesson. The teacher did not teach me any basics like proper hand, finger, seating positions
    etc. He put a sheet showing three chords and asked me to follow that so that we can learn a song. I was disappointed
    after the class and decided not to go again. I found 2 VCD tutorials and start following them. It is quite helpful.
    Day 7, I was very disappointed. I was not able to shift between chords and sometimes chords not were sounding correct.
    Then I found IGT. In the beginners section, I found very encouraging suggestions. The most important thing I learnt
    is "PRACTICE". I now do spider technique to adjust my fingers and coordination between them. Currently, I'm using
    only first 4 frets. Today is day 15th and now I'm play few chords together. I'm gaining speed day by day :).
    My daily schedule is:
    1) Do some finger exercises, like spiders (which i found on IGT).
    2) Play all chords I know one by one.
    3) Play one or two one chord songs e.g. Row Row row your boat, b) Are you sleeping brother john. You can find videos on
    youtube. This helps me a lot. Both the song use E major chord.
    4) I'm learning a two chord song. I'll keep it playing until i start switching between chords comfortably.

    I practice one hour daily religiously. My aim is to to start switching between few chords within next 4 months
    and hopefully play few songs. I believe in hard work and patience, hence I am sure, I'll be able to play good
    guitar in next few years.
    I'll be updating this thread about my progress regularly. This will help me to know where I was and where I'm now. Also, feedback from veterans appreciated. I hope it will also help beginners like me.
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  2. ambush

    ambush _RASTA_man_

    keep up the work..and good luck mate//
  3. guitarrishu

    guitarrishu New Member

    Progress report 29 july 2k8

    Thanks Ambush for encouraging words!
    Did one hour practice. Practiced A major, Am, E, E, G, D chords. I'm having problem with 4th string of A major and 6 th string of D and G. They are not sounding clearly. Looks like I've to press a little bit more and keep fingers in position. Will keep practicing tomorrow. Also, tried to switch between A and D chords. Though the result was not successful, but practicing again will help me. What I'm trying to do is making fingers work as a unit. I hope its the right way. Waiting for weekend, when I can spend 2-3 hours each day.

    Tip of the day:Initially fingers will hurt, take break after 10 minutes. Don't hurt yourself. Music is to make soul happy, heal souls not tiring and bruising fingers ;).

    FLASH GORDEN New Member

    Can you please post the name of DVD and CD's .
  5. guitarrishu

    guitarrishu New Member

    VCD and DVD Name

    DVD is Yamaha guitar quick start. I got it with guitar. Its good for beginners.
    VCD is guitar for dummies. Its quite good.
  6. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    keep going bro........looks like your doing fine........a little suggestion.........first learn all the notes of the fretboard and start practicing some lead........this will definitely help your hands beocme strong and make chord shifting easier.....

    tip 2: while shifting chords always keep timing......use a metronome or your foot..........this will be beneficial later.......

  7. guitarrishu

    guitarrishu New Member

    Thanks for suggestion

    Thanks for valuable suggestion. After visiting different websites, having a dreadful lesson from teacher and the video tutorials which I'm following, they all teaches chords initially. I don't why? However, I'll read more about notes since I'm not aware of them right now and will try them as well. Thanks Guru :)

    FLASH GORDEN New Member

    Thanks mate .
  9. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    guru???:) im just a learner like you man......everyone is.......

    also you dont necessarily have to learn the chords first.......trying playing a simple lead.....learn the sa re ga ma of the guitar......see where these notes fall.........

    also while learing chords be very sure to learn the scales as well......

    i'll be replying more as i get more time........keep going!!! pm me for anything you wanna know.......

  10. guitarrishu

    guitarrishu New Member

    Thanks mate, i'm slightly confused. I read on IGT, a post by a veteran, that u should also concentrate on chords.
    However, I've started saregamapa as well. :)
  11. avi.singh

    avi.singh 6 strings lover

    lage raHO....DEAR..
    your story is same like my story...
  12. ambush

    ambush _RASTA_man_

    I doesnt matter what you concentrate on, jut remember to practice the right techniqes..remember accuracy is more improtant than speed and is really hard to achive..
  13. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

  14. guitarrishu

    guitarrishu New Member

    all the best

    All da best friend, we will make it :)
  15. guitarrishu

    guitarrishu New Member

    Progress report Aug -05 2k8

    I had a good 2-3 hours practice this weekend. After IGT members suggested me to work on notes as well, I included them into my practice schedule as well.
    Practiced A major, Am, E, Eminor, G, D chords. Still having problem with 4th string of A major and Ist string of D and G. They give buzz sound often. However, it's better than 2 days before. Need more practice. Also, tried to switch between A and D chords and things are better now though not perfect. Worked on notes as well. Glad that my fingers do not hurt now too much.
    Can someone give me saregamapa tabs? I found the same on IGT but they do not sound like saregamapa. May be I'm tone deaf lol.

    Tip of the day:Always tune your guitar before you play/practice.
  16. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    Man i really think you are on the good way. Just have in mind, practising is the best tool to be a good musician, just as the majority already said and it doesn't matter what instrument you are playing, practise as much as you can, if you really want to be a good musician then i suggest to practise every day.
    There are lots off guitarlearning sites on the internet, just google for them!
    Here are 2 sites for the guitarscales:

    Sa re ga ma pa dha ni sa = Do re mi fa sol la si do
    So for the C major scale this is:
    C D E F G A B C

    If you found the tabs for this and it doesn't sound good, maybe the tabs aren't right or your guitar isn't tuned well or as you already said, maybe you are tone deaf( i don't hope so!)

    Take care man and good luck!!!
  17. guitarrishu

    guitarrishu New Member

    Right said bro- practice, persistence, motivation and patience are the keys. I'm making sure to practice at least 30 minutes every day.
    Thanks for the saregamapa.. tabs. The tabs which I were trying earlier were wrong and phew ;) I'm not tone deaf lol.
  18. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    dude why the hell should you play the sixth string while strumming DM???

    also, here are the tabs....

    if it sounds wrong use your tip.......
  19. guitarrishu

    guitarrishu New Member


    Thanks mate, it's actually 1st string :)
  20. guitarrishu

    guitarrishu New Member

    Progress Report: 7th August

    I had a good 1 hours practice.
    Practiced notes, read about C Scale.
    Practiced A major, Am, E, Eminor, G, D, C chords. Still having problem with 4th string of A major and Ist string of D and G. They give buzz sound often. However, it's better than 2 days before. Need more practice.

    Switching between chords is now much better.

    Tip of the day:Remember 4 Ps - Passion, Practice, Persistence and Patience

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