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  1. horsesmouth

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    Now this is a look-so-good thingy:
    And yea, the title of this poem is actually :

    My Poetry

    I look out through the window,
    A hundred birds sing their mornings everytime
    And as the sun rises on the horizon.
    The birds have their poetry.

    I sift through the pages of my book,
    And as 'The Artist' paints on His canvas so blue;
    the lines of his imagination.
    'He' too has his poetry.

    I drive through the forest,
    The raven preys on the canary,
    And as the apes mock-fight among themselves,
    The forest has its poetry.

    I sit in my leather-backed chair
    beside the glowing fire,
    in the comfort of my man-made luxuries.
    And with a coffee in my hand,
    I hear what sings around me;
    Think its the music from the radio.

    As I begin to admire 'His' creations,
    I come to see the poetry in all around me,
    And as I consider what's remniscient of my soul,
    I suddenly see a poetry I'd ignored all my life.

    These were the best verses I'd ever heard.
    Such a beautiful ballad; full of love.
    And as my heart starts to sing to the tune,
    I begin to know its such a majestic world.
    I think that's what they were,
    no mere travesty.
    They were the words of 'Life',
    Which now became 'My Poetry'.

    The poem follows a day to night kinda thing where we reflect on our doings at the end of the day.
    How we look upon our lives is really completely different thing! We complain, we groan but at the end accept nature as the biggest work of God.
    'The Artist' means God and His canvas is the Earth.
  2. Louis armstrong -Waht a wounderful world ...!
    but dear...:(... !!

    good poem ..keep posting
  3. vinson_cal

    vinson_cal New Member

    Nice poem , specially I liked few lines..

    "in the comfort of my man-made luxuries."
    "I suddenly see a poetry I'd ignored all my life."

    If you use simile in your poems, it will sound better.
  4. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    what a wonderful world........but u sad? why?

    thnXXX dude!
  5. avi.singh

    avi.singh 6 strings lover

    what a wonderfull world

    it's a song by louis armstrong....(may be i don't know it very well..)
    having the msg of the world like your poem

    in my simple words..

    it's a good poem..

    keep posting..
  6. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    thanks a lottt..
    i welcome critique responses too....no1 this tym!means m gettin' better...
  7. detritus

    detritus New Member

    I dont get the ending.
  8. 1st thing > what is \m/
    2nd > im not sad
  9. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    de nwht was tht/.?

    n \m/ something like "Keep Rockingg" with a double 'g'!!!!!!

    & for you:

    :p means 'tongue'
  10. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    so wats up on you monnie?!?
  11. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    Its something like me chronicling ma(or everyone's) life,
    how we come to ignore our own beautiful world n keep thinking why our lives are worse while other things are so good.
    but if we think of ourselves sometime , we get our own reason for being, see the beauty of this thing called 'life' and this thing is our poetry, the same way other things on earth, living or dead, have their own.....
    hope you get it!!
  12. detritus

    detritus New Member

    uhh.. sooo the ending of the poem is the realisation that your life is as beautiful as all that other stuff?
  13. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member


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