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    Nandigram the stage, a villager the actor
    The land that he owned was the only differentiating factor
    The scene began, villagers protested , for they were not getting a fair deal
    All they longed for was a daily job and one square meal
    They bargained,demonstrated,fought for it
    The government elected by the very own people did nothing but sit
    Then came the villian,Political workers broke into the stage
    The police fired bullets, left on histroy`s book was a bloody red page
    News channels poured in, trying to capitalize on the villagers woes
    Curfew was imposed, the only ones that could roam about were black crows
    Tatas want to build a car, Reliance, the maha mumbai sez
    All that is left now is a bloody mess
    The act continues,Raigad the stage
    The government is cursed for it suffers it`s own people`s rage
    The drama continues, actors change and so does the stage
    What still remains in history is a bloody red page
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    the topics you choose for ur poems r quite unique..which is a rare sight in this forum.

    needless to say..even the title also is pretty unique :)

    good going,,reps
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    Interesting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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