My Patriotism Spirit!

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  1. faraz khan

    faraz khan Fkay'zzz .......GoNe MaD!

    This greeting is not only to my country, Pakistan, but also to my neighbour country, India. So being a representative of my country I give my country this gift and expect the same spirit by U all !

    C'mon Guyzz u too post the songz!
    Yeh Watan Humaara Hai - Mehdi Hasan


    G - C - G - G - C- G
    Yeh watan tumhara hai tum ho paasbaan is kay
    G - C - G - G - C- G
    Yeh chaman tumhaara hai tum ho Naghmaan-Kuwaan is kay

    G - C - G - G - C- G
    Is chaman kay pholon par, rang-e-aab tum se hai
    G - C - G - G - C- G
    Is zameen ka har zarrah, aaftaab tum se hai
    G - C - G - G - C- G
    Yeh fizaa tumhaari hai, behro-bar tumharay hain

    This is basically based on G and C chords as it gets it rhythm with it!

    Happy Independece to Pakistan & India!

    FKay'zzz :rock:
  2. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    Hey! That's very nice! Wish u Pakistani "Vai"s (Unme se bohut sara Steve Vai banega ekdin :) ) a very happy and peaceful Independence day.

    and yes........

  3. cosy

    cosy New Member

    hey dude,
    kudos to u for u spirit yaar. Wish u a happy independence day too.I only wish if our ****ing politicians could have the same spirit as u.
  4. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    Best Wishes from the other side of the barbed wire!
  5. light_of_erindi

    light_of_erindi New Member

    yep best wishes from us....many of my grandfather's collegues were from they were nostalgic about it after "independence"...:)
  6. cumming soon

    cumming soon Banned

    my parents are from pakistan .shifted here after partition. you should knock some sense into musharraf and we should do the same with our pathetic polititcal parties ;then maybe all of us could have a party.jai hind and also whatever u ppl say for pakistan
  7. faraz khan

    faraz khan Fkay'zzz .......GoNe MaD!

    WE say " Pakistan Zindabad" ....

    I luved your replies and was not at all surprised by your thoughts becoz we too have got BAD politicianz ,,, so wht we should do is take the law in our hands and make the world a peaceful place to live like in the stone age!... LOLzzz

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