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  1. sugat

    sugat New Member

  2. Double A

    Double A New Member

    Nice work man... really liked ae khuda..nice beats and vocals.
    u must have had classical training.. have u learned it.

    Also check out my cover sayonee n give me sum tips for singing...ive had to hear really bad things about my vocals :dance:
  3. pinvarsh

    pinvarsh New Member


    will u plz send bus ek sanam chaheye in guitar in fgbcdefc format. plz yaar plz .........()
  4. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    Listened both your compositions as i have to admit you did a good job, very well done!
    A little suggestion about the song Aae Khuda, if i was you i should remove the background "movie sounds", i think it would be sounding much better as the song will be sounding more "proffesional", i hope you understand what i try to say. Its just a little suggestion.
    Another point, the Sur isn't good at places( in both the songs), try to improve it.
    But above all, as i already said, its just done very well, so keep going man and take care!!!
  5. sugat

    sugat New Member


    yeah keoraf .. thnx man.. yup i knw sur gone sm times smwhr.. but d guy who sung d song "sagar" he z not traind and all.. he hs just strtd singing bfr 2 yr.. nd he z at ths stage means not bad! act m a composer guitarist and lyricist .. and thr were sm crap old music in aae khuda background.. 1 crap music directr hd gavn it.. i dint like so, i removed it and hv added sm available sound effects in it.. its nt any movie background dude..! he he.. and wat abt tu hi tu hai..?? i recorded at home only... i mixed it by myself.. i dnt hv any studio n all.. m all alone doing even dnt hv keyboardist nd drummer..! just one guitar connector sufficient..! even tht whole background music i hv given by software.. btw thnx a lot.. m not any professional.. trying to be :D recordng gng on of my othr songs.. will upload soon.. it would be gr8 agn to get sm sugessions agn frm u..! thnx .. :)
  6. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    First a little request, please don't use this "chat language", i just don't understand fully what you are trying to say!
    I already mentioned, both the songs are done very well, i liked them both.
    The singer seems to be a good vocalist, he just has to practise alot to control his Sur and much more. Maybe taking some (professional)vocal training!
    About the sound effects, it isn't a bad idea to use sound effects in any song, but most important, it has to fit in the song, i mean the listener should like it, in my opinion this is not happening!
  7. sugat

    sugat New Member

    sorry for using chat language .. i did not know about it..! hey check out my another song i have uploaded on d same link song name is "dhundu kaha" .. and do reply me fr this...!
  8. Pravas

    Pravas New Member

    One Word....Awesome....
  9. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    Another good composition from you, just done very well. Nevertheless there are some things to be improved, as i already mentioned in your previous songs, the vocalist has to practise the songs alot more, i think he can do much better cause he seems to be a good singer, just some more practising is needed to improve the quality of his vocability.
    Another point, i think the drums are not played good enough, just too simple. Maybe its sounding this way because of (missing)the hi-hats, i don't hear the hi-hats, some more variations in the beat would improve this song alot more i guess.
    These are just some suggestions and not meant to disqualify your song, not all cause you did an excellent job!
    Keep going man and take care!!!
  10. sugat

    sugat New Member

    thnx pravas.. :)

    Again thanks keoraf.. ya there are so many things that can be improved.. yaa i know sagar(vocalist) his sur gone somewhere.. but its ok.. he is practicing now a days... as i told you he started singing just before 2 yrs.. so its ok..! and about drumming i've already mentioned there that we've added those drumbeats through keyboard... we hv keyboard but we dont have keyboardist and drummer.. still we tried by own... i m a bit satisfied with recording as it is mine 2nd one.. so we'll try to do much more better than this..! and thanks again for your suggestions.. i just like when u give it..! thank you keep posting.. :)
  11. adarshgumashta

    adarshgumashta New Member

    nice composition .
    record it and give it to famous music director lyk pritam
  12. sugat

    sugat New Member

    thnx adarsh.. and abt giving..?? thts not possible... i wil not..!
  13. sugat

    sugat New Member

    new song updated..

    guyz check out my new song updated.. "khamoshi" listen it and comment plzz... !
  14. purple_heyze

    purple_heyze New Member

    That's really amazing!

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