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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by rammy, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. rammy

    rammy Guitar=Dope ; Me=Addict

    Dear IGTians,

    Sorry i wasnt around for quite a while(this is my first post in Y2k+6) been busy with SOME work...
    well,as some of u may know, i got my new guitar in jan and here i post pics of my new guitar and gear...

    its an Epiphone les paul Custom " Midnight " Limited edition with EMG 81's...
    and a Line 6 PODxt Live processor, Marshall MG 30 dfx and a Marshall MS-4 micro stack...also included are my Washburn acoustic and Yamaha Nylon string....

    will post some sound samples later, njoi these till then and also thanks to all IGTians who gave replies to help me finalize the stuff, Thanks...


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  2. god_of_guitar

    god_of_guitar New Member

    hey congrats man thats a pretty looking and sounding axe.
    line6 pod xt live simply rocks. i am jeolous.
  3. god_of_guitar

    god_of_guitar New Member

    for how much did you buy it and frm where
  4. rammy

    rammy Guitar=Dope ; Me=Addict

    The rest of the pics... wasn't able to load in the first post...

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  5. shak

    shak Harrr!

    nice guitar .. but if you aint good at playin then by god you dont deserve pod xt live .. and that amp ...
  6. rammy

    rammy Guitar=Dope ; Me=Addict

    Got the guitar and the micro stack from US, ordered it thru musicians friend and my aunt brought it with her...The guitar costed me $600, and the Podxt live for Rs.26000 from mumbai, pity the guitar is not available nemore even in US (Limited edition :) )
  7. rammy

    rammy Guitar=Dope ; Me=Addict

    well shak bro, trying to learn how to play it since stone ages myself but always felt failed, right now just got till recording in Studios, i also happen to be a music programmer and producer and teaching guitar to beginners...
  8. sridhar11_2

    sridhar11_2 Instrumental guitarist

    Congrats dude. It looks awesome.
  9. sumit

    sumit HaNdS uPPP!!

    dude awesome....awesome guitar!!!!!
  10. sachoo

    sachoo drenched in my pain again

    big black buck..awesome..:rock:
  11. Mudit Malhotra

    Mudit Malhotra BLOODY FINGERED

    who called me JEALOUS huh ????

    u r verry right i m
  12. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    G00d man.
    So you went for EMGs.

    Usually ppl who take Les Paul like it for fat tones, and thus use the PAFPro (isnt taht the stock gibson Les Paul pickup?)

    Howz the micro?
  13. rammy

    rammy Guitar=Dope ; Me=Addict

    Micro is awesome....good OD, clean could hve been better on a saperate channel,if tweaked properly on its control and the tone of guitar, then that too is gud...battery life is great too(it has got AC power too so i save it at home) for the sound it gives and that is something coz forget the 30 dfx, i get told of many times to lower the vol on this baby too........
  14. rammy

    rammy Guitar=Dope ; Me=Addict

    also, EMG's smoke....u shud hear them with the drive and clean+wah on POD, great responce altogether, i wanted a 50dfx coz that comes with a celestian speaker, 30 dfx(and all below it) has indian made ahuja speaker, but the diff was too much and i was saving for the POD, but then i also connect it to my PA thru my tascam and mixer so the sound is great.....
  15. blackmamba

    blackmamba Rocker Monk

    You're right. In case you did not notice - this is an Epiphone not a Gibson Les Paul...significant difference :)
  16. godfather

    godfather New Member

    really amazing piece mann...congo..
  17. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    OK, but then even the Epiphone will sound fat, aint it?
  18. blackmamba

    blackmamba Rocker Monk

    Well, primarily the sound is dependent on the wood, pickups and tonal characteristics of the guitar.

    Most Epiphone Les Pauls are not Mahogany like the Gibson Les Pauls - hence they are lighter and have lower sustain. I can say that becuase I have owned at least 2 Gibson Les Pauls and 2 Epiphone Les Pauls - one of them was sold at Bharagava's in October 2005 - it was the custom model.

    Regarding pickups - Gibson uses True PAFs - P90s, Alnico Vs - Epiphone uses versions of these and can match the pickup sounds - both can sound warm - the real reason why one plays a Les Paul anyway. You can make the guitar sound fat by using Burstbuckers or maybe some after-market Seymour or DiMarzio PAFs.

    Tonal Characteristics is kinda related to point one - i.e. wood. But what's on top also matters. For example my Les Paul standard has a Carved Maple Top and my other Les Paul Studio has a carved Mahogany top - both sound different. Similarly, Epiphone's sound different with the added wood difference.
  19. rammy

    rammy Guitar=Dope ; Me=Addict

    ^^well, cant tell much bout giBson as never had the honour of playing one...i think as u hav had a history with thm u r a better judge...but i can say bout as uve mentioned and probably know that custom uses mahogany,the type of mahogany used in gibson and epis are ofcourse different...thats where a major part of some $1300 diff fit in...and the crafting of guitar in USA(giBson) and korea(epis) is very much we cant compare the two...but in tech form, epi les paul custom has the highest grade wood(mahogany) used by epis(the warm sound), combine them with active emg 81's(had history of rock backing them up) for that sweet sustain tht they are known for and u've got that blend of the best tone that can be achieved in $600(add to it the distinguish pleasure that u have 1 of the only 500 made thruout)...giBson is another class, evry rocker wants to be honoured to entre u cant compre nething with that...all we do is fill the magic in our fingers and wait for that time to come...
  20. DrSaurabh

    DrSaurabh Wh@+s Up D0C

    Epiphone les pauls like gibson les pauls do have a mahogany body, with a maple top. In both cases, it is carved maple.
    The reasons why gibsons cost more:
    1. They are made entirely in USA, which doesnt essentially mean they are better just that the labour costs are higher, and contrary to popular belief, even USA made gibsons are not hand made. Yes, the QC for USA Gibsons is better.
    2. The Flametop is actual flame maple, on Epiphones its a vineer
    3. Gibsons have a nitro-cellulose finish, epiphones have a poly uraethane finish

    The reason they might sound better
    1. Better hardware.
    2. Better pick ups. Most gibson players do maintain that putting Gibson burst buckers which come at about $80 a piece does get u a tone close to the Gibson.
    3. Gibsons use Honduras mahogany, where as Epiphones use African mahogany ( it could be the otherway round...the point being gibsons use better mahogany)

    Gibsons only way a pound or 2 more than Epiphones. so the sustain and the depth of tone do not vary much as long as you have good pick ups in both.

    Nothing can justify spending $2199.99 on a gibson when i can get something that sounds as good for $600-$800.
    Only if i was willing to shell out $2k and get the guitar put in an environmentally controlled case. and keep it in mint condition for about 30 years and then mebbe sell it for 10 times the price, mebbe more, then i would buy a gibson. :) ( or if any one is givin it to me )
    my 2 paise

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