my love letter....

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    expecting some brickbats and applause...

    words laced with sweetest ever expression
    wrote my first love letter....
    prayed for my love's happiness and kissed before
    sending to her address.

    wrote our name in between the heart
    made with nice drawings not allowing
    to look like disfigured in shape..

    showered my intense feelings i had for her ..
    described all single dreams we wanna share.
    poured all emotions and our loving nature for each other.

    i know she will be happy
    opening my handwritten letters for sometime
    she will fold it and throw in trash bins
    tearing it out
    in pieces...holding the emotions

    she will be soon get matured....
    will think of great responsiblity,,ahead
    continue keeping check on the flow of emotions
    learning the truth from
    mother's life whose faith got ruptured
    due to her love life making her
    unwed mother.....and left alone to survive with her....

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  2. Babydoll

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    Bohot Khub rohit ji :nw:
  3. nimisha

    nimisha .:Forum Leader:.

    where do u find all that pain rohit....?????

    everytime im confused... wat to reply to ur poem..
    coz sadness in it creates sinking feeling in ur heart..
    then how can words of praise can comeout....4u...

    awesome job to make us...speechless....

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