My Life Without You

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    My life without you
    Was so hollow and dark,
    The moment I saw your smile,
    It iginited a spark
    I thought had gone,
    Frigid with fear.
    I never understood,
    Why you cared.
    After one smile
    You chose to stay awhile.
    My life without you,
    Was empty and depressed,
    The first time,
    You kissed me,
    I wished for it ,
    As much as you.
    And instantly I knew,
    That as long as I live,
    As long as we are alive,
    We will survive,
    We will be together.
    As long as there is a forever,
    My life life without you,
    Has ended,
    And we have just begun.

    copywright 2004 Dianne khan.
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