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    here it goes

    C#m7, F#m7, G#m7.

    F#m, E, B Alt,
    F#m, E, B Alt,
    F#m, E, B Alt, (X0222X, B Alt)

    SAJID: "To get the same sound, you have to try using your nails instead of a pick. For the X0222X part, I used my index finger covering the first 4 strings so that I could use my 3rd and 4th finger to play the melody

    My happinEsss

    Sajid Msg to Me

    well as for the chords..its basically Em, D/f#, G, A and the chrous is Am, D,
    Em, G, D, C ..but u have to remember that its alkot of finger picking in the
    verse section so i added lots of other notes I played the chorus in
    a way to invoke the funk out of it..catch my drift?..anyway. listen to the audio
    file of it and u'll get what am saying..and best of luck there :--)

    My view
    Go For G..C.G.Dm ...But it all Depends on strumming i am talking abt the main part not the finguere Picking and strumming is like u have to sound it like
    tatatara na taa taraaa na taaataraa na tarana
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    man.....king of self!!!! u got it from their official site....and i dont know that u r sajid some.........well.......i dont get the chord of happiness...but u copy pasted the chords of king of self!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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