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    Can't say much about your guitarplaying, just the fact i'm not a guitarplayer, so the guitarplayers here can tell you more about that.
    But your rhythm (Taal) is very bad, you really have to practise alot to get the feeling how to play in the rhythm. Even with the metronome you are out of sync, so this proves how bad your feeling is to play along with the rhythm. A little tip for you to stay in the rhythm, always tap your feet along with the beat when playing and/ or singing! This will help you to stay in the rhythm. Even if you are just listening to any kind of music, just tap your feet along with the music, its a good help(lesson) to recognize the feeling of any kind of rhythms!!
    Please don't think i say this all to embarrass you or something like that, certainly not, i try to tell you what has to be improved.
    There are 3 very important things when someone is trying to sing or play any kind of instrument. The Sur, the Taal and the feelings you are able to add in your music. If any of this 3 elements is missing in your music, it will sound really bad!!!
    Take care man and keep posting!
  3. abhishekup123

    abhishekup123 New Member

    thx man! ill take care of rhythm frm nxt tym...

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