My first song recording

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  1. jainjayesh74

    jainjayesh74 New Member

    Dear All,

    I finally manage to gather some courage to record and post my first song, I would really like you to listen to it and comment.

    Song is Zara sa

    I am happy to listen to each and every comment as I want to get better.

    Jayesh Jain
  2. Ashish7

    Ashish7 New Member

    Finding guitar scales


    I am the biggner. and searching for the full pentatonic scale in acostic guitar.
    so me.....!!!

    thank u.
  3. mvk

    mvk New Member

    nice try.........
    good voice......
    but need to practice more on the guitar........
  4. jainjayesh74

    jainjayesh74 New Member

    Thank you

    Dear MVK

    thank you very much, I have posted another song "Gazab ka hai din" can you please check it out and give me your feedback

    Jayesh Jain
  5. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist it in the igt soundtrack forum........the pros reply there......

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