my first song on youtube!!1

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by anrinu, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. anrinu

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  2. Mad-Max

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    Good stuff, Nice strong voice you have! I'd suggest you lose your inhibitions and have more fun while playing, seems rather serious, another tip is to look more at the camera (maybe you were shy because of the recording?) so that you can connect with the audience whether live or in a video recording, very important. The only other thing I noticed is you have a very non classical stance of holding the guitar, which is fine because its personal preference really, but it will make it a bit difficult for you to get riffs in place for faster songs. Lastly, finger picking for this style of song will help you improvise a lot more with the variations in strumming pattern and plucking.

    Very nicely done. Rock On!


  3. Super-Admin

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    Great voice Rinu ..

    Working on guitar positioning will help as Max mentioned.

    Also it might be a good idea to place the camera on a tripod, it'll avoid the unwanted shaking :).

    Cheers ..
  4. anrinu

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    whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D thnk you soo mcuh lol i m really sorry i only noticed your comments now :D :p
    actually i posted this a long time back i thought no one is gonna hva lokk at it !! :D , I was jumping up and down wen u said it was fine! :D haha! anyways it was my first performance :D > one reason i didnt look on the camera was , i was not sure about the lyrics and chords soo i had to look the book with was placed just before me :D :D and pardon me for the camera shaking haha it was taken by my pappa!! :D :D , he was not that aware of camera settings haha and it was tottaly like an experiment :p!! i would definitely give more importance on my strumming and positioning of guitar :D actually i was quite busy with exams and some choir teams these days so i was bit lazy to take guitar :dBut soon i ll work on ,,thnks for encouraging :D:D thnks soo much once again!!!
  5. vs.suresh

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    Nicely played Rinu... Keep it up...
  6. anrinu

    anrinu New Member

    Thnks suresh sir :) that was my first upload! :)

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