My First Recording

Discussion in 'Tamil Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by sshriyan, Dec 26, 2005.

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    that was nice man :D can post the chords up for this song ? and re-record ur song .. coz when u sing , can hear the 'poof poof' sound when u start singing .. u get what i mean? nice job bro! :)
  3. GuitarTiger

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    is that an acoustic electric and the company applause? (ur guitar)
  4. Seelan

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    hey GuitarTiger , you might wanna change 'Rcok Tha Party Shake Your Body' to Rock Tha Party and Shake ThaT Booty ? :p sounds cool ? lolz .. nice
  5. sshriyan

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    thanks all

    Thanks all for the quick comments, i don't know how correct the chords were, it's in D major (D, A and G). Basically i used 3 tracks , 1 for voice, 1 for rhythm and the other one i used finger picking,

    Let me give the details of the recording equipments i have,

    Acoustic electric guitar,
    TASCAM US-122 interface with Cubase LE
    Samson C01 condensor mic, (Yeah i need a Pop Filter)
    and Windows XP PC.

    thanks again guys.

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