My First Recording (Zara sa and Gazab ka hai din) ..

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  1. jainjayesh74

    jainjayesh74 New Member

    Dear All,

    I finally manage to gather some courage to record and put my first recording online, can you please listen to it and give me your feedback.

    I am learning guitar for last 2 months .. so really have a long way to go

    Jayesh Jain
  2. parry

    parry Sing ing Sing

    Well so you too have started late like me man ! Now all depends on ur practice both in guitar and vocals. I think vocals will take time to improve. But as its ur first song on guitar you are on the right path. Just try to practice some steady notes more. Strumming was simple. ultimately all that matters is how it all works out.
    Keep up the work. Will b waiting for more.
  3. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    for two months its ok.......but not the best you can do......try strumming properly.....more fluent strokes required..............

    some of the chords were changed too early.....try working on that....

    nice voice.......

  4. jainjayesh74

    jainjayesh74 New Member

    Thank You

    Thank you for your feedback. I am working on my strummming, for some reason it is very difficult (more than i thought) but as you said it is all about practice

    Jayesh Jain
  5. jainjayesh74

    jainjayesh74 New Member

    Thank you

    Hi Parry,

    I just went and heard some of the songs you have recorded (sorry I dont understand punjabi much) but you have an excellent voice, can I please ask you how do you record your songs (it is so clear and crisp) I am using my computer and a cheap computer microphone

    Jayesh Jain
  6. parry

    parry Sing ing Sing

    Well thanks Jayesh. I dont use and other gadget. I too use the ordinary microphone. I place it on my neck and then record the songs. Nothing extraordinary thing to do. :grin:
    And yes my recorded sound is better than my original vocal chords. ;)
    Other people use audacity software which u can download free from the net. But that is only for creating some special effects. But then one can not know ones's faults to improve upon.
    But man u r going good. Just dont stop the practice and u wil learn in months wat others take yrs to learn.
  7. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    Its what the majority already said, there is alot of room for improvement. But man don't worry you started yet, 2 months is just nothing in the musicworld!
    Try to sing with more passion, i mean add some more feelings in your voice, the Sur has to be improved aswell, there are some Sur faults here and there!

    Overall is this done pretty well, for sure for someone who started 2 months ago, keep going man and take care!!!
  8. vikas.kulkarni@

    vikas.kulkarni@ New Member

    good start

    hi jayesh,
    its good to listen to ur recording.

    just adding one more point to wht others said;
    looks like ur voice is trying to follow ur strumming very much and is not free of ur guitar playing, i hope u understand wht i mean to say.
    i know its pretty much difficult to manage both singing and playing guitar at the same time, but do conceterate on this point, otherwise the song will loose its tempo and feels singing also as strumming.

    keep going
    - Vikas DK
  9. jainjayesh74

    jainjayesh74 New Member

    Thank you

    I think this was the best feedback i ever got, I have to stop thinking about strumming when I sing, I wish I was a female (at least I could multitask)

    Jayesh Jain

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